The Weekend Nun

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This movie was made in 1972, and I saw it as a network television movie special about 20 years ago.
It is chock-full of redeeming social importance, portraying an attractive young woman who wears civilian clothes and works as a parole officer and guide to troubled youth during the week, and then spends the weekends living the life of a religious and wearing the habit in a convent. This sets her up for all sorts of conflicts between the demands of her vocation and the hazards of the world and her job, including but not limited to a police officer who makes a pass at her well before everyone was scared of sexual harassment suits.
This movie was based on the experiences of a real nun, Sister Fabian (birth name: Joyce Duco) who had a similar life situation, and eventually left the order, becoming a technical advisor on the film.
They don’t sell it on DVD at Amazon, but the entire movie seems to be available on, unfortunately, the recording/visual quality rendition is leaves something to be desired.

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  1. Pat Kelly Riche ( Sister Patrick)

    30. Apr, 2016

    Joyce , where are you and what are you doing these days>

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