The Perfect Family is a drama in which a middle-aged housewife, who lives her life as a practicing, if not devout, Catholic, is up for an award called “Catholic Woman of the Year”. The fact that her practicing lesbian daughter is entering into a same-sex marriage (clearly not sanctioned by the Church), while her son is contemplating a divorce, and her own marriage is far from perfect, are all things that not only threaten her family’s public image and her personal emotional equilibrium, not to mention her qualification for the award.
Kathleen Turner, who claims she wasn’t brought up Catholic, and that she doesn’t agree with many aspects of Catholic doctrine, says of playing the role of Eileen Cleary, “But the point is not my belief, the point is the character’s”, who is described in the press as a “docile, frumpy, Catholic housewife”, who (in Kathleen Turner style) discovers some unexpected fight in her. The unspoken similarities go deep, as both are women of a certain age, albeit from different belief systems, backgrounds, and (doubtless) socio-economic levels.

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