Stigmata was a movie about faith, which involved a really unlikely person (a young woman hairdresser who is not leading a particularly virtuous life and may not even be Catholic) receiving the phenomena of the stigmata, wounds which duplicate the famous Five Wounds of Christ, which with no medical cause, spontaneously appear, generally on the hands of individuals noted for their holiness and piety. The late (and now sainted) Padre Pio was an example of this, and he is mentioned in the movie, but it is wrongly claimed in the movie that Padre Pio had only two such wounds, when he reportedly bore a full set of stigmata wounds and a spear wound besides.
Father Kiernan, a priest who is depressed and lackluster in his faith is sent to investigate the case, and finds it linked to a demonic possession, and the possession linked to the appearance of a church which is later discovered to be a demonically-created illusion that does not actually exist.
And, of course, given the priestly vow of celibacy and the mainstream American beliefs about sexuality, there inevitably occurs a situation of sexual temptation between the attractive young woman and the holy man, who may be celibate, but isn’t dead (or gay).
Of more interest to me than cliched themes was the elucidation of some Apocrypha, the Gospel of St. Thomas, of which the spread threatens not only the Church itself, but all organized religion on a general level.
This intriguing idea, that negative entities (demons) can fool someone into believing that a particular building and its contents are there, seeming to be real, is rooted in the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas, who calls this phenomena of a sensory/visual illusion devised by evil spirits a glamour.
Perhaps the reason Gabriel Byrne is so convincing as a priest in this picture is that according to an interview on the Conan O’ Brian show, Byrne actually considered the priesthood before he entered show business, but he claimed in a television interview to have been kicked out of seminary for alcohol abuse.

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