Hitman (2007)

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Hitman (2007)
According to ImdB’s synopsis for Hitman (2007):
“The film opens with a montage showing a group of young, bald boys receiving tattoos of bar codes and being instructed how to utilize firearms & hand-to-hand-combat by other men observing, directing and co-ordinating the training so that these boys can grow up to become professional, international hitmen-for-hire trained and raised by the very same organization that employs them.”
A sung version of the Ave Maria with organ music accompaniment plays as these scenes unreel and are culminated by imagery of an operating room and a sinister figure with a loaded syringe. What all this has to do with Catholicism and specifically, a Catholic prayer, is at this point unclear. Perhaps the makers of the movie chose the music in the hopes that it would sound creepy to the majority of the audience who have been conditioned by the fact that mainstream television news media have been playing sepulchral organ music and accompanying it Catholic Church related imagery whenever they report on a Catholic Church-related scandal.
However, the movie is based upon the video game Hit-man, where a priest, who tires to encourage others to do the right thing, plays a key role in the plot:

47 tries to leave his assassin past behind (in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin), seeking peace in a Sicilian monastery, but is forced to become an assassin once more when his mentor and friend, Father Vittorio, is kidnapped. Getting back in contact with the ICA, he arranges with Diana that he will work for them if they help trace Father Vittorio. Eventually, it is revealed that Father Vittorio’s kidnapping was orchestrated by Sergei Zavorotko, the brother of one of the men whose DNA helped create 47, to bring 47 out of retirement and kill everyone who was in on a deal by Zavorotko to purchase a nuclear warhead. 47 successfully infiltrates Father Vittorio’s monastery, killing Zavorotko and all his men. Though Father Vittorio begs 47 to lead a good life, the assassin decides to return to the ICA full-time.

And one of the sequel games is called Absolution. It is also to be noted that the fictional organization to which the assassins belong, the International Contracts Agency, has a motto in Latin, “Merces Letifer”, which means literally, “lethal trade.”